Photo took @ Nigara Falls July 1,2011

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sawatdee kha!,  is Thai greeting .It is same as  Hi, Hello, Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening . We do not have specific word in different time, so just "Sawatdee" in anytime and also for good bye.  I will talk inThai and English because only 2 langueages I speak dairy. I would like to learn other languages too.

There are 2 words show sex of a peron who speak I would like to talk also, both words make the sentences soft and polite.

1. Kha= for women say include girls  for example Sawatdee kha. Kob khun kha ( means Thank you.)

2.Krab =  for men include boys  for example  Sawatdee Krab.  My name is Tom krab.

Body language for Sawatdee is bowing hands and bend your head. There are  3 levels for this issue :

1. Greeting a person or people who older: we will bowing hands at the chest level and bend the  head to touch the big fingers.

2. Greeting a person or people who has same age : we will bowing hands at  the chest level and just move head down little ,not bend head down to touch big fingers.

3. Greeting a person or people  who younger : Thai traditional  younger person/people  give respect / greeting  to a person/people who older first with bowing and older person/people respons as greeting to a person/people who has same age, or just say Sawatdee without bowing.


Play Girl Pemala said...

ieiei Wai or greeting from Thai woman.hahha

Play Girl Pemala said...

ไปแวะเยี่ยมที่ space มาแย้ว เอิ้กๆๆๆเห็นรูปใครๆๆบางคนไปเที่ยวบ้านพี่น้ำกันด้วย อยากไปจังเลยยยยย
เอออ พี่โอ้ทจ๋า ไอ้ thank giving นี่ทามมายมันต้อง thank ด้วยคะ เอิ้กๆๆๆๆ เหมือนๆๆกับขอบคุณพระเจ้าใช่ไม๊คะ

Angel said...

ไหว้สวยจังนะโอ้ท อิอิ คิดถึงนะ