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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Knows me

I was born and lived in Thailand who had never been traveled or lived abroad until married.
I was a quiet person until I studied in secondary school in Bangkok. I met selfish friends but it was good because they changed me to be a stronger person.

My mother.

Mother and Darin

I am friendly and fun but not really smart. I studied a commerce for 3 years major in accounting and continue 4 years University in Administrator major in Public relations but graduated in 8 years.I was working while studying. I spent too long with  Bachelor degree. It was a pity when I think about it accordingly.
While I was a student in a college I liked to make things (crafts) by myself because when I saw any crafts on markets I thought I can make them. I also doing right now.

I liked to sew. I started sewing by hands without learning and later I had problems with how to sew a zipper, pocket..etc then I attended free classes which the government provided. I also learned clothing design and pattern but I did not good with anything at all.

I have never worked in my graduated majoring and also I did not like to sell and marketing job but that was my career.

A year before I moved to the USA I quit a job to learn whatever thought that I can work in the USA
such as Thai massage and foot massage

Oil massage and beauty massage

nails painting ( I do not have my paint pictures so just want to show you how beautiful on my nails painted by a teacher)




Thai Herbs for beauty

I sell my stuff at the flea market near home for fun . Do you believe?  It was my dream to have my a shop like that.
My 1st day.

and later...



I have a smart younger sister who is succeed in her life , half sister who has her own life and youngest half brother who still a little boy for family. I love them.

My father, half mother and half brother"Um (Panu )". He is the youngest guy in our family. หาย

My sister "EX (Pathriya)" and my husband "DARIN"
My half sister"Ice (Chonlathai)" and my niece "Meaw"

Darin and Meaw in Kanjanaburi
My father and Darin
I would like to be a smart person who can do everything , so I try to make and do everything which people do..Crazy me!

In 2014, I applied for a college and started in 2015. I graduated with three degrees of Associate in Applied Science Visual Communications , Photo Imaging, Advertising Design and Multimedia in two years. Yes, I can do it well with GPA 3.20. Thank you to my husband who is the huge sponsor, who supports me as always. 

I did not plan to continue education because that what my attention at the beginning. I learned the basic in what I am interested and will continue on my own.

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If we never give up and begin doing, we will succeed. I wish everyone happiness and love, stay around.

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Stories and articles in this blog are my experiences .I would like to share in public. Welcome everyone!

Since I moved to the USA I have not written in a book, I use this space to keep the memories of everything I do and everyone I meet and this makes it simple to update my family in Thailand also.

Thank you to all the writers and people educated in the media who I copied to share this blog