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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Knows me

I was born and lived in Thailand who had never been traveled or lived abroad until married.
I was a quiet person until I studied in secondary school in Bangkok. I met selfish friends but it was good because they changed me to be a stronger person.
My mother.
Mother and Darin
I am friendly and fun but not really smart. I studied a commerce for 3 years major in accounting and continue 4 years University in Administrator major in Public relations but graduated in 8 years.I was working while studying. I spent too long with  Bachelor degree. It was a pity when I think about it accordingly. While I was a student in a college I liked to make things (crafts) by myself because when I saw any crafts on markets I thought I can make them. I also doing right now. I liked to sew. I started sewing by hands without learning and later I had problems with how to sew a zipper, pocket..etc then I attended free classes which the government provided. I also learned clothing design and pattern but I did not good with anything at all. I have never worked in my graduated majoring and also I did not like to sell and marketing job but that was my career.
A year before I moved to the USA I quit a job to learn whatever thought that I can work in the USA
such as Thai massage and foot massage
Oil massage and beauty massage

nails painting ( I do not have my paint pictures so just want to show you how beautiful on my nails painted by a teacher)


Thai Herbs for beauty

I sell my stuff at the flea market near home for fun . Do you believe?  It was my dream to have my a shop like that.
My 1st day.

and later...

I have a smart younger sister who is successful in her life,  a half-sister who has her own life and, the youngest half-brother who is still a little boy. I love them.

My father, half mother and half-brother"Um (Panu )". He is the youngest guy in our family. 
 My sister "EX (Pathriya)" and my husband "DARIN"
My half-sister"Ice (Chonlathai)" and my niece "Meaw"

Darin and Meaw in Kanchanaburi
My father and Darin
I would like to be a smart person who can do everything, so I try to make and do everything which people do.Crazy me!
In 2014, I applied for a college and started in 2015. I graduated with three degrees of Associate in Applied Science Visual Communications, Photo Imaging, Advertising Design and Multimedia in two years. Yes, I can do it well with GPA 3.20. Thank you to my husband who is the huge sponsor, who supports me as always.
I did not plan to continue education because that what my attention at the beginning. I learned the basic in what I am interested and will continue on my own.

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If we never give up and begin doing, we will succeed. I wish everyone happiness and love, stay around.

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Stories and articles in this blog are my experiences .I would like to share in public. Welcome everyone!

Since I moved to the USA I have not written in a book, I use this space to keep the memories of everything I do and everyone I meet and this makes it simple to update my family in Thailand also.

Thank you to all the writers and people educated in the media who I copied to share this blog