Life is short then do what brings happiness to life. Not just me who always smile but I wish you smile too, when reaches my comfort zone.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

English conversation at Jack's house 22nd Aug 09

Today is the lastest house we will go for dinner because the school is open in 2 weeks.
I got lost again! I asked Jack ,the direction on route 40 because I recognise this direction better than the direction I found on maps google,but while I was on my way I wanted to try new direction, so I followed the direction on the map but took the wrong turn. I do not know where was the direction took me.

I kept driving and looked for the sign if I know anywhere. Ahha! lucky I know the way on the that exit so I did the turn immediately . It took me back to the direction on the map again. I need to take exit 160 now , but it was exit 162 in my front. Were I come farrer? I thought. OMG! the exit 160 was next, impossible! I was really happy then I took the exit and looked on the map where I need to go does not show on the sign. Which way now, Oath? I took decision took a left and saw the street name willington (may be I was wrong) then I went to that way. Now what? I was wrong again. It took me to Christina Mall this time....haha .Turn,turn....and which way now between route1 and 7? I know route1 then turn to there and yes I took the right decision. It took me back again I passed exit 162 and next exit 160 . I turn left again but this time keep go straight, but it was the way to the beach!.... I did U turn again and keep follow on the street. It was route 40 west then got a call from Jack. He told me to look at the whalther street and bad my short memory I did not remember. I kept drive thru and saw the sign willinton wood but I did not know it was the same wilinton Dr. I went so far to the intersection route 72 the way to my home and did the U turn before called Jack. Now, Jack told me to see the 7-11 and the 2nd traffic light I have to take a left turn. I note on the paper very quick because my short memory will keep information only one minute and gone. I had a note but still did not remember what did I mean on my note...silly me. I stopped at the traffic light before the right one and realize there was wrong. Finally, I got there.....Yeah! I think it take about an hour on my way lost....haha if do not lost that not me.

Everybody were sitting at the back. Jack has very nice back yard. I like it. I was hungry so did not think about taking photos of food. His wife made chicken barbeque , rice with tomatos and cucumber and also ice cream with peach for desert. We were eating outside for a while before moving inside because raining.

Jack's grand son was cute, his wife and daughter are nice and good host. Their dog " Fudge" was cute and friendly.

When everyone left his wife took an umbrella for everyone to the car because still raining that time. She is lovely.

Today I have to remember the direction back home and Jack told me again for sure because every time he took me out to the street I know to go back home but today he can not because we came to his house . I made it...Yeah! See you guys at school. click for album

Thursday, August 20, 2009

English conversaton at my house

15th Aug 09

Finally, the time for English conversation at my house . I started cook at 3 pm. and hope my cooking will ready before they came. I got a called from Jack between my cooking almost done. Everyone had "Urgent! can not come " OH!. I asked how many would be came. Jack said , he did not heard about Nati yet . I guessed would be Jack, Nati and I . I asked Darin stayed home because he planned to go to cinema .

About 5pm. Jack showed up. I asked him called Nati if she on her way. It was almost 6 pm. seems nobody coming , then Jack said we can eat whenever.

It was a good time too even only 3 of us.

Friends you missed my dilicous food...haha

Chicken green curry and groud turkey with coconut milk with fresh vegetable
Stir fried chicken with ginger and tofu dishes for Jack

Everything on dining table

English conversation at Gloria's house

6th Aug 09

I lost again on the way to Gloria 's house but finally I figured it out the direction. I get there the lastest person as usual...haha. I met a new friend from Poland this time who study with Jack about 5-6 yrs. WoW! I did not talk much today because tried from pottery. I came direct from pottery studio to Glorai's house.
Gloria cooked Mexican food. My first time to know pepper fried, yes I tried it. It was good but spicy for me ,so only one enough. Jack said he loves it so much.

They talked about wisky which I have no idea at all. Gloria showed her drink and gave us to tried but I did not drink. Friend from Poland, Ivette and Jack tried the drink.

My dish.
After meal, we surprise Jack with birthday gift and cake.

English conversation at Marleny's house 17th July 09

I did not lost to Marleny's house but I was the lastest person to get there again. She cooked dilicious food...Yummy!

She took us to see her day care area. WoW! I did not realize her day care in the basement. I was great! She told " I have to take care 7 children. The children love her and her food. They did not want to go home when parents came pick up them...haha

Marleny showed us the pictures trip at Grand canyon with her family. I would like to visit there.
It was one more day happy time go so quick.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pots for feeding birds on the tree Aug 13th 09

I made pots for bird food. This clip was on the day I put the pots on a tree in the back yard. We had guests. They were cute.

the set of knitting hat and scarf for NOK

I knit a scarf on loom for Nok last time and still some yarn left , then I knit a hat by circular needle for her. I designed to make this hat look like shef hat but I was really wanted it done very quick then I decrese stiches before time should be. It is come out look like pumpkin instead shef hat.It is really lovely color for this set.
จำกันได้ไหมเอ่ย เมื่อคราวก่อนทำผ้าพันคอจากลูมมีให้น้อง 1 ผืน มีไหมเหลืออยู่มาทำหมวกเข้าชุดดีกว่า คิดไว้ว่าจะทำหมวกให้พองๆ เหมือนหมวกพ่อครัว ทำไปทำมาใจร้อนอยากเสร็จเร็วๆ ลดห่วงก่อนเวลา เลยออกมาเหมือนฟักทอง แบบนี้ แต่ก็น่ารักไปอีกแบบ ว่าป่าวพี่น้อง

Let's try the hat before give to Nok.

We are couple.

scarf knit on loom

เคยเห็นเพื่อนถักนิตติ้งด้วยอุปกรณ์แบบนี้ตอนที่เพื่อนสอนทำแต่ไม่รู้เรียกว่าอะไร และก็ทำไม่เป็นด้วย จนไปเห็นหนังสือที่ห้องสมุดถึงได้รู้ว่าเจ้านี้ชื่อ ลูม จากนั้นมาหาข้อมูลในอินเตอร์เนต น่าสนใจแฮะ จนมาเมื่อเดือนเมษายน ตอนนั้นได้คูปองลดราคา 50% กะ 40% เลยถอยมาซะ 2 ชุดเลย จนแล้วจนรอดก็ไม่ได้เริ่มทำซะที จนกระทั่งมาเมื่อสัปดาห์ที่แล้วเห็นเพื่อนในเวบทำผ้าพันคอเกิดอยากทำขึ้นมาบ้าง เลยเอาล่ะลองของใหม่ดูบ้าง จัดแจงเปิดคู่มือที่ติดมาในชุดเอาเบื้องต้นก่อนละกัน

I saw my friend who taught me how to knit worked with a loom but did not know it. I did not know how to knit with loom either. I saw a loom knitting book at the library and search information on the internet how to knit on a loom. It is interesting! Finally, I bought 2 sets loom when got discount coupon...yeah! I got a good deal on a loom price. I bought looms for 4 months until start to use because did not know how to work with looms yet. It does not too difficult as I thought. I start by the manual book with the sets I bought. It is really easy basic. I got scarfs here.

เริ่มทำแล้ว 2 ชั่วโมงได้มาเท่านี้ after 2 hours I got this.

วันรุ่งขึ้นทำต่ออีกจนเสร็จใช้เวลาเกือบ 6 ชั่วโมง รวมเบ็ดเสร็จประมาณ 8 ชั่วโมง ได้มาหน้าตาแบบนี้ พร้อมตกแต่งด้วยดอกไม้โครเชท์ดูเก๋ไก๋ไปอีกนิด
I continue next day about 6 hours, so totally time almost 8 hours the scarf done!. I added crochet flower at the! look at this. 

หลังจากเสร็จเส้นที่ 1 แล้ว ลองทำต่ออีก 2 เส้น
There are 2 scarfs on the way.

This one for my cousin.


เจ้าของตัวจริงหลังส่งมอบ ถูกใจเธอมากๆ เพราะได้สีที่ขอมาเป๊ะ
she really likes it because got exactly color she requested.

กะ เพื่อนที่ร้านปั้น เส้นนี้ได้ตังค์นิดหน่อยด้วย..อิอิ
and this for friend "Aly" at pottery studio. She gave me a little money....yeah!

นิตด้วยลูมง่ายกว่านิตด้วยไม้ ไม่เจ็บมือด้วย แต่งานบางชิ้นต้องนิตด้วยไม่อยู่ดีจ่ะ
Knit by loom is easier than by needle, I think but some projects still need to knit by needles.

เมื่อเราไม่ท้อ ไม่ถอย ตั้งใจ และลงมือ อะไรก็สำเร็จได้สักวัน
แวะมาบ่อยๆ นะค่ะ ขอให้มีความสุข และ มีความรักรอบๆ ตัวทุกคนค่ะ
If we never give up and begin doing, we will succeed. I wish everyone happiness and love, stay around.

เรื่องราว ข้อมูล บทความ ที่เขียนทั้งหมด ที่พื้นที่แห่งนี้เป็นข้อมูลส่วนตัว ตั้งใจเขียนเป็นบันทึกเก็บไว้อ่านย้อนหลังเพราะไม่ได้เขียนใส่สมุดตั้งแต่มาอเมริกาและเพื่อง่ายต่อทางบ้านที่ประเทศไทยได้เห็นชิวิตความเป็นอยู่ ทั้งเล่าสู่กันฟังถึงสิ่งที่ได้รู้ ได้เห็น ได้สัมผัส มิได้มีเจตนากระทบกระทั่งบุคคลใดขอขอบคุณเจ้าของบทความ งานเขียน และรวมถึงวิดีโอ ที่มีประโยชน์ได้นำมาอ้างอิงเผยแพร่ไว้ที่นี่ และยินดีต้อนรับทุกคนที่เข้ามาทั้งด้วยความตั้งใจและบ้งเอิญค่ะ

Stories and articles in this blog are my experiences .I would like to share in public. Welcome everyone!

Since I moved to the USA I have not written in a book, I use this space to keep the memories of everything I do and everyone I meet and this makes it simple to update my family in Thailand also.

Thank you to all the writers and people educated in the media who I copied to share this blog