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Thursday, January 6, 2011

North Dakota 22-26 Dec 10

We were planned to visit my husband‘s family in North Dakota during 22-26 Dec 10 for X- mas.  Everything was good at the airport that made me think this trip was smoother than last 2 years. We were at Minneapolis Airport about 1.30 pm. , check in and went to the gate asked for our seats. The aircraft told us to wait for awhile because they were doing management. We waited until close to boarding time, they told us our seats were taking away. What?

They told us, the flight went to our destination was in the next afternoon but we cannot wait. They gave us solutions. We chose the closet destination. They gave us discount coupons for the tickets in a year. 
We needed to change our car rental pick up location, so we needed to use internet .We noticed there were not many internet station because everybody have laptops. We agreed to get laptops because necessary like this time.

We stayed in Minneapolis Airport from 1.30 to 10.00 pm. and got to new destination where we drove to the hotel about 3 hours. It was the same distance as original destination but the time we were in the airport that very bored.

I was so happy in North Dakota this year because did not have snow storm and the sky was beautiful. My husband took me to his family’s ranch and the Dam where I wanted to take photos.  We had a good time with his family and also I got many presents. I love X-mas.

On the day we were back to Delaware, there was problem again. Our flight from Minneapolis cancelled and the airline told us it will be 2 days until normal again because of the weather.  My husband was really frustrating.  Finally, we can change to other destination but still stay one night in Minneapolis. We flew at 7 am. , got to Pittsburg at 10am. , drove about 7 hours to Philadelphia airport and drove our car back home safely.

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