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Saturday, August 22, 2009

English conversation at Jack's house 22nd Aug 09

Today is the lastest house we will go for dinner because the school is open in 2 weeks.
I got lost again! I asked Jack ,the direction on route 40 because I recognise this direction better than the direction I found on maps google,but while I was on my way I wanted to try new direction, so I followed the direction on the map but took the wrong turn. I do not know where was the direction took me.

I kept driving and looked for the sign if I know anywhere. Ahha! lucky I know the way on the that exit so I did the turn immediately . It took me back to the direction on the map again. I need to take exit 160 now , but it was exit 162 in my front. Were I come farrer? I thought. OMG! the exit 160 was next, impossible! I was really happy then I took the exit and looked on the map where I need to go does not show on the sign. Which way now, Oath? I took decision took a left and saw the street name willington (may be I was wrong) then I went to that way. Now what? I was wrong again. It took me to Christina Mall this time....haha .Turn,turn....and which way now between route1 and 7? I know route1 then turn to there and yes I took the right decision. It took me back again I passed exit 162 and next exit 160 . I turn left again but this time keep go straight, but it was the way to the beach!.... I did U turn again and keep follow on the street. It was route 40 west then got a call from Jack. He told me to look at the whalther street and bad my short memory I did not remember. I kept drive thru and saw the sign willinton wood but I did not know it was the same wilinton Dr. I went so far to the intersection route 72 the way to my home and did the U turn before called Jack. Now, Jack told me to see the 7-11 and the 2nd traffic light I have to take a left turn. I note on the paper very quick because my short memory will keep information only one minute and gone. I had a note but still did not remember what did I mean on my note...silly me. I stopped at the traffic light before the right one and realize there was wrong. Finally, I got there.....Yeah! I think it take about an hour on my way lost....haha if do not lost that not me.

Everybody were sitting at the back. Jack has very nice back yard. I like it. I was hungry so did not think about taking photos of food. His wife made chicken barbeque , rice with tomatos and cucumber and also ice cream with peach for desert. We were eating outside for a while before moving inside because raining.

Jack's grand son was cute, his wife and daughter are nice and good host. Their dog " Fudge" was cute and friendly.

When everyone left his wife took an umbrella for everyone to the car because still raining that time. She is lovely.

Today I have to remember the direction back home and Jack told me again for sure because every time he took me out to the street I know to go back home but today he can not because we came to his house . I made it...Yeah! See you guys at school. click for album

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