Photo took @ Nigara Falls July 1,2011

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The stories in this blog are the true experiences of everyday life from a regular person, "Me". I have written since I lived in Thailand and have continued to write since that I moved away from Thailand and married a man who is totally different from myself in almost every way. I write the blog so I can share my everyday life with my family in Thailand and also to record my memories because nobody can bring back time that has passed but my writing can. If my writing can help anyone as reference information it is good.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

English conversation at Ivett's house

The 2nd English conversation at Ivett's home. I lost again!

I did not realize the map was different from the direction I went . It was confused me because Ivett showed me from school , her house is behide the school then I really sure it was the same direction. I drove through the street at the end but did not see the street name I need to turn, then I did U-TURN again and decided to drove along the street . If can not find this time I will call "Jack" (he told me waited for my call also). Finally, I were there on the right direction. I passed the street which go to the school, this make me understand now her house can come from the same way as school too.

I was the last one at Ivett's house. She has lovely 2 daughters and fresh house with flower in vases on the table and coffee table. We met her mom too. She still young looks like Ivett's sister.

We talked a little before dinner. I did not remember the name of food again. It was Peru food made from tomato , chicken and spices ingredient, but Ivett said did not make much spicy today because some of us cant eat included me. Ivett cooked vegetarian dish seperated for Jack, look like a cake.
We really enjoyed talking and had a great time together.

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