Life is short then do what brings happiness to life. Not just me who always smile but I wish you smile too, when reaches my comfort zone.

Thursday, February 10, 2011



9th Feb 2011... Today I was ready for work early so I had plenty time to take photos of me in a beautiful day . It was a sunny day. I went out to the back yard but freeze snow was my trouble. I can not  walked well on the ice and I was afraid if I fall on the ground and my camera brake .I decided to stay close to the door.

After that I still had time to upload my photos to the computer and facebook before left home to work. Today the sky was clear then I was taking photos while driving, dagerous but lucky me there were not  many cars in the road.

I was surprised when at the house I worked because the clock said 13.15am. What? I did not believe so I checked on my cell phone. It was right.  OMG! I  suppose to get to work at NOON!.

I did not know if the clock at my house was wrong or my eyes were wrong. My employee did not complain anything . She is very kind. I worked up to three hours anyway.

I checked the clock when I got home. It was notthing wrong,so I checked my laptop, the time was slower 1  hour than actual time. Yeah! I found the cause. I kept looking the time on my laptop while I was uploading photos but I also saw the time on the clock as NOON! It was my eyes problem.

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