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Friday, April 10, 2009

My craft corner

Since I were here, I make Darin's house mess because of my crafts stuff are every where in the house. Darin is really nice ,he never complain me about it.
I would like to have shelves for these stuff and move to one space but can not do yet because the shelves I like are expensive, then keep looking for something similar and better price.
I got this wood case from "Good will" about $12. It is usefull for me. I keep yarn in there, but it is too small now.
I use many baskets for storage . In this corner (1st picture) were mess up. I moved stuff down to basement then look much better and clean.

I moved little in this corner because the lamp was too far from the couch. My husband need the light when laydown reading on the couch.

I would like to have my studio same as what I saw in magazines. They are really nice and neat studio.I am making my space. I got a weaving "Texas" from "Goodwill" for hanging on the wall $5. I told Darin ,"I want to make basement for my work area but it is cold in winter". If I have income in the future ,I would like to make basement better and nice for my working space.

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If we never give up and begin doing, we will succeed. I wish everyone happiness and love, stay around.

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