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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Songkran at the temple PA

We went to the temple on last Sunday for "Songkran festival" .The weather was cold on that day,so we did not throwing of water . It is also "Thai new year and family day" on 13th April. See my album

I really excited because it was my 1st songkran in the USA, but the 2nd time go to temple here. When at the temple I really feel back home because every where in the temple area all Thai. There were Thai food which people gave without charge. I guess some of them own Thai resturant. When we went last time in summer between July and August I do not remember was really nice and more fun because of the weather better than in winter. The ceremony started at 9 am. with monks praying. We were there about 10 am , the time for gave food to monk. We were in the top line, but if we were there later than 10 am. have to wait for long time until monks walked to us because I saw the line waiting for monks walked by were long to other side of the building (you can see in the pictures). There were sand pagoda this really impress me even not many same as in Thailand. Nowaday, even in Thailand rare to see in big city like Bangkok. There were "Shong nam pra" (take shower for monks and buddha statues). We also take shower for old people but call" Rod Nam Phu yai" . Both are the same thing but call in diffrence because of monk and normal person. We did not stay until take shower monks " Song nam pra" at 4 pm. because I did not know and also it was too late for us. Darin was poor on the day because he thought the weather will warmer in late day but colder. There were small market selling Thai food, spicy food and plants for Thai ingredient. We did not play water because of cold. In Thailand people will play water for 3 -7 days . April is the hotest month.

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