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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ancient City VS Sanctury of Truth

I would like to introduce an interesting place where do not far from Bangkok "Ancient City" in Samut Prakarn. It was my first trip.

Funny, because I was passing there often when studied , and also there are many friends live in the same area, but I did not visit this place.

 It is not far from 'Crocodile farm'. I am sure many people heard about it. When you come to Ancient City it will be the same as you go around Thailand. In this place there are model of places in Thailand which you can walk into them same as you are in those places.

You can see the places by walk, ride a bicycle, drive your car or hire small train with a guide. I spent about 2 hours there. I heard this place will never finished building , because they are working with building everyday to make model places all around Thailand in here. On the day we went there were 73 model places , but I am sure now some new places finished building. When I go back to Thailand will visit this place again for sure.
We went to 'Sanctury of Truth' next day in Pattaya. It is the same owner of Ancient City. Sanctury of Truth is made by wood sculpbture whole palace. There are many people working everyday there. You can choose a packaget to view inside with other activities. We chose the complete package to see what do they have. They have horse riding to the palace, go on boat around the beach , one meal, see dolphin show, see inside the palace and riding horse back. For me, go on boat not fun, but it was OK because I was curious about the package. Infact, just buy simple package is enough .

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