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Saturday, March 21, 2009

ME #2

On the day I took this photos was really cold but act like warm..LOL

Monday 12th Jan 2009

WoW! I am here 7 months already very quick. It was many things upset me but I did well and passed all. I finally got driving license on Friday 2nd this month .I did 4 times writing test but only 1 time for road test...Yippee! Now , I can drive without worry, if police catch me or ask me to stop ,but the problem now is I do not know direction . I know only around my house , but I have to learn the map and remember street name. This country is more easier with direction ,just remember route, north , east, south,west and street name, where you want to go..this what I think and there is helper call "GPS" but I do not have yet . My husband 's new car has GPS that is cool!. One night I took my friend to sign out school finish study on that day and we went to other school before go home, but on the way back I went to the wrong lane made me can not turn to the way home. It was lucky I drove my husband new car with GPS but took time to figure it out how to use it, well we did!...Yeah, back home in final...funny huh?
I am start looking for part time job and also study ESL in school not too far from home. I found one middle school by newspaper only 4 minutes drive from home.I will register sometimes this week.
Everything here goes smooth with my petient and not rush to do even feel uncomfortable and frustrating.

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