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Saturday, March 21, 2009


I do not know much about "Pet" because I did not have many pets, and unlucky all my pets dead. I had 2 rabbits when I was very young and they died because of poison in vegetable.

I had a puppy dog when I studied in high school. My grandfather got him for me from his friend. I was really excited. He was so cute. My grandfather got another one for my sister too. I gave him a name 'Begea" the same name as a popular football player that time. I raised him well. He was very big. When moved live with my mom I did not take him with me. I came back to my grandparents again few years later, my grandfather said neighbor gave him poison...poor dog! My sister's dog sicked and dead too.

I had fish and all dead too.Lately, before left Thailand, I had goldfish, some alive! I learned how to look after them. I had an aquarium for them even small but good. I gave them to my niece because she has some goldfish too but raises them in a big pot plant.

My husband had 2 cats, but one sicked and dead before I came a year. Now, we have one left "Fred".

I normally do not like cats because they are very annoying. A cat bit me once at home in Thailand that made me really do not like cats.I went to doctor for medicine and injection with 'Mad dog disease".

Fred is different from cats I met. He always runs away from me, never annoyed. I think he is smart cat. I love him. He is a Siamese cat. My friend, who is a cat lover told me, Fred is "Vicheanmas " breed.

Americans love pets. They look after their pets as members of families like kids. Pets stay in the house and sleep in same bed. It is unusual in Thailand. Well! good to have pets here.

My husband really loves animals and I guess he loves Fred as his son..LoL.

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