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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ayutthaya with Aoi-Jan from Natherland in March 2008

Ayutthaya trip with Aoi, Jan and Nepal from Natherland in March 2008.

This is a lovely family, I had a chance took them to Ayutthaya in March 2008 . I met Aoi only a month before she moved to Natherland with Jan. We took bakery class at the government Minburi center.

At first time I met Aoi really felt we were similar. It was funny we had only a chance to talked with eachother at the washroom.Other girls talked about why they took bekary class, then Aoi said she wanted to bake for husband when moved to Natherland, so I told her immediately we were the same and I were moving to the USA. Since that time we talked to eachother a lot, sometimes I picked her up on our way to the center because we lived on the same road. We shared our stories and talked with many things, but she was leaving in a month before me .I was waiting for my visa. I had friend who married with american live in same area with us. I introduced them to know eachother .

Aoi has a son "Nepal" . He got this name because when Aoi pregnented she travelled to Nepal. Aoi told me ,now he does not speak much Thai because speaks Dutch as generally .His Ducth is really good and better than her. ...haha. Aoi said sometimes dizzy with Nepal because he does not know Thai and she does not know Dutch in what they talked about. Anyway , Nepal is the big teacher teaches Dutch for Aoi now.

I had a chance to met her husband'Jan' few days in Bangkok . I think he is a good man by my feeling and also Aoi told me.I made her a tote bag for shopping and knit hat for her last few months .Now is greeting seasons again I am going to give her a present. What is my present? ... secret!

Now, we are far from home even difference countries, but still being good friends. Keep in touch and share our stories ,also help eachother in things ;such as Aoi does not know much about computer then I teach her. She will teaches me Dutch. We communicate by email and messenger . It is first time for us to see snow. We were really excited and really cold.We always talk about buy cheap clothes,because compare the money between our country and the countries we live now ...OH! many times more. Well, the distance is not a big problem for friendship .Nowaday, technology is really good. As long as your friendship strong you will never alone.

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