Photo took @ Nigara Falls July 1,2011

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The stories in this blog are the true experiences of everyday life from a regular person, "Me". I have written since I lived in Thailand and have continued to write since that I moved away from Thailand and married a man who is totally different from myself in almost every way. I write the blog so I can share my everyday life with my family in Thailand and also to record my memories because nobody can bring back time that has passed but my writing can. If my writing can help anyone as reference information it is good.

My post do not in order by the date because I have pictures do not finish organizing so I wrote the stories and save as daft then will public when I added the photos so the stories with less photos always public first.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to my home in the USA

Changing in my life is adventure  because I have no idea what will happens , but all are new for me and of course will be bad and good.

I am lucky to met my husband who has everything ready for me . Everything here belong to him ,but he pleased to share all with me . I have a good life, live in a nice house, nice yard,goo environment.

It is no-matter for me with the size of house, or how many properties he has, how wealthy he is but the matter  is all his love for only me.

I am not interested to his properties but preferred he look after me well, cares and loves me as long as we together because on this land I have only him. Of course, I left everything from my home for him because I love him.

I would like to be with him (only) with only one married in my life. I told him that I  preferred die before him because I do not want to be upset with whatever feeling and emotional after loose a person who I really love, well nobody know the future.
Home in Newark, DE, USA

Welcome! come on in.

ครัว  kitchen

ซักผ้าตรงนี้  laundry area
garage after organized
Deck in the back

Look around!

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