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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer not slimmer...LOL

I love summer. It is my favorite season because I can stay outside the house without my body shaking. There are many interesting activities in summer.

We were on a road trip from home in Delaware to home in North Dakota. It was my first road trip in the USA and also my first summer in North Dakota. Of course I loved it without snow.

We spent 14 days on the trip. I had a chance to visit a friend in Nebraska and stayed one night with her.

We also went to the Omaha zoo, it was awesome. After we left my friend we did not go directly home  to North Dakota yet. As my desire and aim on this trip was to see Mt. Rushmore so we went directly to Key-stone, South Dakota . Darin planned it for me. Yeah! my dream came through.

I saw the real Mt. Rushmore. We spent one more night around there because we still wanted to go to other places such as to ride the helicopter  around Mt. Rushmore, went to Rushmore cave,reptile garden where I impressed to see giant turtles. The Reptile garden had a crocodile show too that made me think about the crocodile farm in my home country. I said to Darin if these tourist see the crocodiles show in Thailand they will love it a lot because it's more fun and more exciting than here. From the garden we went to bear country just a few minutes from Reptile garden . I liked this place because we can see wild animals close; such as bears,wolves,goats,lions...etc by driving the car around. I thought the zoo in Thailand ,named"Safari" ,was the same kind as here but I have never been yet. There were school for bear babies in the park seperated. When I saw them I thought they were not bears. We also went to Crazy horse and Devils tower.

In North Dakota, Darin took me to Theodore National Park. At first I thought everyone paid the fee just for passing on the road but I realized after awhile it was actually we paid the fee. The park was huge.I saw many hiking trials in the park. If we have chances to hike there I am sure it would be really fun more than the trails we went on in Delaware. Darin drove to Bowman Dam  and looked around for his aunt. I knew there were many beautiful places in North Dakota I did not see yet. We also visited a couple of Thai friends on our way back to Delaware , one friend in Wisconsin and  another one in Pitsburg .

We went to the sky deck in Chicago.It was the last place before we got home.

At home in Delaware we went hiking almost every weekend on most of the trials in White Clay Creek State Park. We went to other parks too such as Lums Pond State Park with a big pond. I thought , next summer I will go back to Lums Pond park and rent a boat. We went to Brandywine Creek State Park. It was a nice park too but did not impress me. I also spent sometimes by myself, went to Augustin beach and Brandywine Park to take the pictures of me. Did you wonder how I do that? I have a tri-pod. He is the best photographer...haha.

Summer is over soon then I am preparing to meet  the cold again. Ewww!

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